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Listen. Amplify. Unleash.

Welcome to the heart of inspiration and faith—the Creative Arts Collective for Christian Life and Faith, nestled within the vibrant community of Belmont University. Here, we stand as a beacon of creativity, illuminated by the belief that God’s presence is a dynamic force in our world, sparking imagination and unity among us all. At the core of our mission lies a profound desire: to inspire people to discover and live the beauty and wisdom of the Christian story and encounter God through the arts. Through the transformative power of the arts, we invite you to explore and encounter God in ways that stir the soul and expand the heart. Our vision is bold—to spark an awe-inspiring movement that breathes new life into Christian artistic traditions, creating a renaissance of faith-driven expression across the world.

Join us in this journey of discovery and devotion, where every brush stroke, note, and word bridges the divine and the human, weaving together a tapestry of shared understanding and divine encounter. Let’s inspire and be inspired, as we contribute to a world that reflects the fullness of God’s boundless creativity.


For All Who Create

Positioned at the intersection of faith and artistry, the Creative Arts Collective is a vibrant community dedicated to exploring the divine through the lens of creativity. We believe in the transformative power of the arts to connect us with God’s profound narrative, uplifting spirits, and uniting hearts in a shared journey of discovery. Whether you’re a painter, musician, writer, or creator of any kind, you’ll find a home here—a place to grow, inspire, and be inspired.

Join us in weaving a tapestry of artistic expression that reflects the beauty, complexity, and depth of Christian life and faith.


Movement in the Arts